The Emerald Isle is an enchanting mist shrouded island, far off in the deep blue ocean. It is a land of mysterious forests, vast grasslands, scorching deserts, towering mountains, great stone castles and magnificant cities. Inhabited by numerous creatures and humanoids of many different races, the Isle is very culturally diverse. Humans live in peace with Elves of the Alshar Forest, The Dwarves of the Makar Forest, The Shed'car Mountain Giants, The Usla Lizardmen of the Great Valley, and the Saka Plains Warriors. The history of The Emerald Isle is a long and rich one, full of bloody conflict and terrible sacrifice. The King of The Emerald Isle ruled from the great city of Avalon. He was a true and honest ruler, who united the many peoples of the isle. Years of peace and prosperity dominated the island until a great evil force from the north threatened the entire domain. Invaded by an army of demons and evil necromancers, the great cities of the island were destroyed and it's people forced to flee. Decades of brutal and violent wars were fought, in which the island was decimated. Lead by the great King , the peoples of the isle formed the Emerald Alliance. The Alliance battled the armies of darkness and eventually won the Battle of the Emerald Dawn. The armies of the Dark Lord were defeated, and they retreated to their dark domain north of the Shed'car Mountains. The price was heavy, the King laid dead and the Alliance shattered beyond repair. Centuries of peace followed and out of the ashes of this epic war, rose a new kingdom. The great city of New Avalon was founded and a new ruler once again united the races under one Crown, in peace and harmony. In recent times however, the evil reach of the Dark Lord has found its way to the heart of the Emerald Isle and once again threatens the domain. The Emerald Isle is a large domain and expanding rapidly. It's many terrains contain plenty of monsters, friendly npc's and a wide variety of good equipment. Players can find exciting adventure at almost every turn in The Emerald Isle!

Areas of Emerald
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