Hidden in a dense forest lies the town of Armland. It is the central point of Esdragen. A land where the realms of magic meet. Ages ago there was balance and harmony in Esdragen. The land and all of the magic within it was ruled by the Grand Master Sorcerer, Korbel. Magic was respected and seldom misused. Along with Korbel, there were four other sorcerers who assisted him in maintaining balance, Kieren, Risihert, Amoreth, and Hapworth. For centuries this method of rule was successful, until the four other sorcerers began to doubt Korbel's sanity. Korbel had begun to talk of a great land beyond Esdragen, and they all knew that that was just utter nonsense. There was a rebellion to force Korbel out of power, and the Great War began. Chaos and destruction was rampant through the land. Kieren, Risihert, Amoreth, and Hapworth, each gathered an army of magic users. They battled against Korbel and his followers for many years, until eventually they prevailed. Once Korbel was relieved of his rule, another confrontation was presented. There was no sorcerer skilled enough in all forms of magic to replace Korbel. So, the domain of Esdragen was divided into five realms, Realm of Light, Realm of the Past, Realm of Darkness, Realm of Fantasy, and Realm of the Future. Each sorcerer maintained rule over their own realm, and all balance was lost!

Realm of Light Realm of Darkness
Realm of the Future Realm of the Past
Realm of Fantasy Town of Armland
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