Area Description

Area Name: Town of Armland
Creator: Silly
Created: Sun May 12 06:09:50 1996
Level: all
Secrets: 5
Quests: 9 (61-Missing in Armland, 152-Scavenger Hunt, 32-Return the Puppy, 146-Destroy The Lag Monster, 120-Hitman, 156-Riddle Quest, 158-Esdragen Balance, 103-Karel's Most Wanted, 5-Demon pestilence)
Armland is a quiet town. It lays in the center of Esdragen, hidden in a dense forest. Within Armland there are several shops and general services that are easily accessable to all levels of players. At each edge of town (North, South, East, and West) there are portals that connect Armland to the surrounding Realms.

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