Quest Description

Quest Name: Dragon Slayer
Creator: Silly
Created: Fri Aug 15 14:21:35 1997
Quest Points: 35
Solved: 380 times
Location(s): Dragon Caves, Realm of Light
Min. Level: 60
Deep in the Wastelands in Dark, the Elder Dragon Tribe thrives. For centuries, they have evaded dragon slayers. The only weapon effective enough to destroy their leader, the Elder Dragon Lord, is highly protected within their lair. The Dragon Slayer Sword hangs, unreachable by a magic rope over a deadly pit of boiling sulfur. You must find the enchanted dagger which holds the power to sever the rope. Once you have obtained the Dragon Slayer, destroy their leader and you shall be deemed the ultimate Dragon Slayer. Be warned, this quest is not for the weak, be prepared for a battle beyond all others!

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