Quest Description

Quest Name: Dungeons of Sorrow
Creator: Silly
Created: Sat May 9 22:20:42 1998
Quest Points: 25
Solved: 640 times
Location(s): Dungeons of Sorrow, Realm of Light
Min. Level: 25
Shortly after Kieren took over power of the fourth quarter of Esdragen, now known as the Realm of Darkness. He captured and imprisoned Risihert's most valuable guards. Leaving Risihert vulnerable to attack, and defeat. Deep in the Wastelands, an underground dungeon is hidden, the Dungeon of Sorrow, and this is where they are rumored to be held captive. It is a heavily guarded dungeon, and the guards do not fear dying for their Lord, Kieren. To attempt this mission would be dangerous, but Risihert needs you, and will reward anyone who frees his guards. Remember, not only the innocent are captive in this dungeon, be cautious.

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