Quest Description

Quest Name: Kill Jake
Creator: Int
Created: Wed Aug 13 12:26:05 1997
Quest Points: 40
Solved: 150 times
Location(s): Armland Graveyard
Min. Level: 185
For many years, Jake the local grave digger has roamed the land, collecting corpses barely before they have a chance to hit the ground. He has an uncanny, and supernatural sense about these things. Although he has been known as a loyal and upstanding citizen of Armland, people have started to question his motives.. as the graveyard fills with zombies. Jake must be stopped! Goto the Armland Graveyard, find Jake and kill him! This will not be easy however, Jake is a coward unless he is on his own turf. You will find the secret to cornering Jake on his own terms near the start of the Graveyard, keep in mind.. Jake is only bold with the dead, he fears the living! Oh! And don't forget the shovel! Jake will supply the body bag!

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