Quest Description

Quest Name: Kensaro'sayes Amulet
Creator: Luke
Created: Sun Jan 22 01:12:19 2006
Quest Points: 30
Solved: 33 times
Location(s): City of New Avalon, Town of Darkmoore, Makar Forest, The Great Valley of the Shadar, Emerald Tomb, Orc Camp
Min. Level: 100
During the Great War of the Alliance versus the Dreadlords, Kensaro'saye trapped SinJin's soul in an amulet, and shattered it into shards. The time is now upon us, where the Dreadlords are in search of the amulet. You must find the shards and help Imera Lightbark reassemble the amulet before the Dreadlords find it.

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