Quest Description

Quest Name: Golden Lyre
Creator: Malice
Created: Thu Dec 11 19:15:14 2003
Quest Points: 20
Solved: 92 times
Location(s): The Nine Circles of the Underworld
Min. Level: 180
A young Cleric messenger boy returns with some horrible news.... Myracles! He's dying! They took his Lyre! I tried to heal him but my powers could not heal those wounds. He wrote this letter for me to bring back! The letter reads... Adventurers, I am Myracles. I traveled into the underworld. I went to Limbo to enchant the poor souls with my music. Suddenly, an army of Demons and Skeletons attacked me! They beat me badly and took my Golden Lyre! Not even my powers of healing could help me against the beasts. They left me to bleed to death. I crawled out to the entrance of this foul place and I will remain there. If you are brave go and retrieve my Lyre! But, go alone, for if a party of adventurers go they will surely be spotted and the beasts will inform their master of your presence. Please! Please! Get me back my Lyre! Myracles

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