Quest Description

Quest Name: Help the Sage
Creator: Eryx
Created: Tue Jul 2 00:12:27 1996
Quest Points: 10
Solved: 159 times
Location(s): City of New Avalon, New Avalon Sewers
Min. Level: 40
Help the Wise Old Sage of New Avalon! He is in great despair after an Ancient Tome written long ago, vanished without a trace. The Tome is rumoured to hold the secret of immortality and is worth an untold fortune in gold. The Tome was stolen from the Sage's private chambers sometime during the night. The royal authorities have been unable to track down the thieves, but it is rumoured that the Crimson Order, a powerful New Avalon thieves guild is behind the theft. This group of master criminals operates in secret throughout the city, and they are brutal and ruthless in their actions. While no one knows the location of their secret hideout, it is believed that the tome is being held there before it is sold to the highest bidder. The Sage is desperately hoping that the ancient tome can be found and returned to him before it's too late.

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