Quest Description

Quest Name: Cure Swamp Thing
Creator: Manson
Created: Mon May 4 11:30:26 1998
Quest Points: 25
Solved: 325 times
Location(s): Swamp
Min. Level: 75
After years of secret testing in his lab, deep within the Swamps of Esdragen, Dr.Arcane may have met his unsettling fate. As a researcher of plants and animals, the doctor sometimes took his research and experiments too far. One night, not long ago, there was a near fatal explosion which resulted in Dr.Arcane being mutated into the dreaded Swamp Thing! His faithful assistant is back in the lab, searching for a cure..but he can't do it alone. You must find the ferryman, and cross over the deadly swamps to try and help find a cure for Dr.Arcane. You must hurry before it is too late, and the Swamp Thing is doomed to haunt the swamps forever!

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