Quest Description

Quest Name: Isle of Terror
Creator: Zain
Created: Tue Feb 13 00:14:54 1996
Quest Points: 25
Solved: 386 times
Location(s): Isle of Terror
Min. Level: 100
The Isle of Darkon was once a great and prosperous region. This opulence was protected by the runestone of Darkon, a great and powerful artifact created by Lothor the Wanderer. Lothor was a great champion of the weak and the poor. He fought tirelessly against the dark minions of evil. As the years and centuries slipped away, Lothor grew in power. Lothor was once a noble man, but even he could not resist the corrupting influences of the great power he possessed. Lothor's greed for greater and greater power grew insatiably with each passing moment. To this he owed his downfall, for he attempted to unleash the greatest being of evil and power imaginable. As a consequence of the awesome arcana required to summon the vile seven headed beast, a tremendous cataclysm of destruction was unleashed upon the land, scattering the jewels and the Runestone of Darkon across the Isle. Finally Lothor was destroyed by the very beast he summoned, who is claimed to now live somewhere nearby. Without the runestone to protect it, the isle has become overrun with evil beasts. The vile atrocities committed by these beasts has banished the name Darkon from all but the most learned historians. The land is now referred to as the Isle of Terror. It is widely conjectured that if the jewels were returned to the stone, Lothor's magic of blessing may return - freeing the Isle from its nefarious inhabitants.

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