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User: ruin

Title: Ruin pokes the queue with a stick. C'mon, do something.
Name: Ruin                            In real life: A Pirate                
Race: Pixie                           Gender: Male                          
Directory: /u/r/ruin/                 Domain: Nautica (Wizard)              
Status: Wizard (Donator)
Spouse: Bubbles
Best solo kill: Petey the One-Eyed Penguin (class 145000)
Arch foe: McInty (rich) (class 46696)
Clan: Team Wiz
Age: 26 weeks 4 days 21 hours 47 minutes 34 seconds
On since: Sat Feb  4 15:47:52 2023 
2 hours 8 minutes Idle Time
No unread mail.
No Plan.

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