Lost Wishes Help Files

Golems is Lost Wishes most unique guild. People who like to
learn and experience new things will Love the Golems! Golems
are creatures that are made of just about any material, and
brought to life with the power of magic.

There are 5 classes of Golems, Flesh, Wood, Clay, Stone, and
Iron. You start as flesh, and as you progress can choose to
transform into a higher class. Every guild level, you must
fight a golem, you obtain your guild level by winning the
fight and 'merging' with its corpse, and therefore gaining
its strength. Every 20th guild level, you choose what class
of golem you fight.

Golems can not wear armor, but rather merge with it. This will
replenish your 'condition'. Every time they are hit, there is
a chance that their body will deteriorate. A Golems condition 
is a base of 100, maxing at 200, the higher their condition    
the higher their resistance to damage. If a Golems condition 
drops to 0 they will die. Once Their condition is at max, 
merged armor will replenish their Power factor.

Merging with armor, corpses, drinks, potions, and food replenish
the Golems Power Factor. Which is how they regen. As well, 2 or
more Golems can merge together to create one larger golem. All
merged golems have control over the single larger golem. This
is the golems most powerful ability, and is available from the
first guild level.

Each class of Golem has its own special ability(s). Once a golem
has transformed into a higher class, they will keep the abilities
from their former class, as well as the new.

We guarantee that you have never had an experience anything like
becoming a Golem. Not on Lost Wishes or Any other MUD. We invite
you to come and join us in the Ranks of the Golems!!

GM: Int
AGM: Fortress

Directions: GMS - 12 s,portal,2 s,2 w,s,e,se,d,move boulder