Lost Wishes Help Files

Trolls are a race very similar to giants and ogres. Their large size
provides them with great strength. Although they have good regenerative
powers, they are susceptible to fire and poison. Due to their stature,
trolls have trouble wielding knives. Also, trolls are not particularly fond
of the daylight, but have learned to adapt to it slightly.

Troll Commands:

Troll Stats:
  Strength           excellent
  Constitution       average
  Dexterity          excellent
  Intelligence       below
  Wisdom             below
  Charisma           terrible

Troll Languages:
  Trollish           100%

Troll Misc Features:
  Fire resistance    -50
  Time to heal       5
  Poison resistance  -50
  Experience rate    90%
  Alignment          neutral
  Gender             any