Lost Wishes New Player Getting Around Page

There are several basic types of getting around that you'll want to use at first.

1) Use your newbie device to trans to different locations.
Use it to goto the newbie/lowbie areas or use it to help you get to basic shops.

2) Use the ferry at the docks:
Goto the docks Then type ring bell, type board ferry(after it arrives!), and type sail to (domain)
example) ring bell, board ferry, sail to esdragen

3) Use some magical items:
Some magical items will help you go to other places.
One of them is magical wand that you might find on corpses.
**Note: Do not use all magical items without identifying. Some items are dangerous!
If you want to use a magical wand, type recall

4)Renting a boat:
After you've lost your newbie device, it will be a good idea to rent a boat.
There is a boat rental shop on Nautica.
type trans nautica, 2w, n
Then goto the docks and type callship
Then, type board (boat type) You will want to look at the help file. type help boats
You will want to put the private setting on your boat. type private on
To sail your boat: type board (boat name) and type sail (coordinate 1, coordinate 2)
example) sail 0,0

5)Purchasing a boat:
Eventually, you will want to purchase your own boat from Nautica.
**Note: They are expensive: a wavejumper will run you 100,000+ platinum.
If you should save up the cash, you will buy a boat from Captain Rahls at Nautica Ship Shop.
type trans nautica, 2w, 2n
Then just like what's listed under renting, goto the docks, type callship, etc.

6) Using sailing coordinates:
Here are the sailing coordinates for the four domains.
Emerald: type sail -273,321 Esdragen: type sail -107,66 Mainland: type sail 340,-110 Nautica: type sail 5,-45
**Note there are more sailing directions:
Talking to sailors or by sailing on the ferry are ways to find more coords.
Some people's finger info shows them too:
finger apollyon, finger moonglum, finger twinkle

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