Lost Wishes Communication

Talking on channels:
To see what channels you have access to:
type channels
**Note: The plus sign (+) to the left means it's open to you.
How to use the recommended newbie channel:
type newbie (your message).
example) newbie hello!
To use the other channels:
type [chat (your message)
example) [chat hello!
You would say hello! on chat
type [auction (your message)
example) [auction burlap bag for sale!
You would say burlap bag for sale! on the auction channel.
Talking to others:
To talk to one specific player:
type tell (player name) (your message)
example) tell silly hello!
To talk to more than one player:
type tell (player name 1),(player name 2)(your message)
example) type tell silly,int hello!
To talk to players in the same room:
type say (your message)
example) say hello!


To emote to another player:
type (emote) (player name)
example) hug silly
To emote on a channel:
type [channel !(emote) example) [chat !dance
To emote on a channel to another player:
type [channel !(emote) (player name)
example) [chat !dance silly
**Note not all emotes work with other players.
For a list of the emotes on Lost Wishes. Click here

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