After Graduating Mudschool

The newbie device is yours!

type look at device

The Newbie Teleport Device will instantly transport
you to any of the areas listed below.
Areas are in the left column.
However, you can only use it every 10 minutes.
Use: transport (area) or trans (area) to goto an area.
**Note: It will only work if it says it's ready!

Domains (main towns):
start Start Area
windaria City of Windaria
na City of New Avalon
armland Town of Armland
nautica Nautica
Newbie Areas:
haunted house Haunted House
merifields Meri-Fields
sewers Sewers of Windaria
napark New Avalon Park
newbie Armland Play Ground
chess Chess Board
carnival Carnival (Newbie)
Low Level Areas:
swashb Swashbuckler Ship Darkness
necro Necromancer Tower
cemetery Mainland Cemetery
mccavern Misty Cavern
magic Magic
fortress Halfling Fotress
nstables Nautica Island Stables

Where To Go Fight?

You should select from the newbie areas shown on your device.
You might decide to head to the playground. If so you: type trans newbie
Head south past the gardener. Remember to consider (monster)

For most guilds, alignment doesn't matter, but clerics and dragonspawn
have to be good in alignment. If you are considering those guilds,
type trans haunted_house

Where To Shop?

You should select from the domains shown on your device.
shop in mainland: (trans windaria, e, s)
potion shop in esdragen: (trans armland, 3s, w)
shop in esdragen: (trans armland, 2n, e)
shop in emerald: (trans na, 2w, s)
mcinty snack shop in esdragen: (trans armland, 2e, n)
where to buy a bag or a portable shop: (trans windaria, 3e, s)
where to buy scrolls to id stuff: (trans windaria, 4e, s)

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