Lost Wishes Locations

The following table has some basic areas you might need to get to.
Churches are where you will end up if you die while you're still a newbie.
Remember to type pray and to type get all from corpse

Bank of Emerald trans na, 3w, 2s, e
Bank of Esdragen trans armland, 2w, n
Bank of Mainland trans windaria, e, n
Bank of Nautica trans nautica, 4w, n
Church of Emerald trans na, 4w
Church of Esdragen trans armland, 3n, e
Church of Mainland trans windaria, 5e, n
Church of Nautica trans nautica, 2w, s
Docks in Emerald
trans na, 3w, n, 5w, 2s,w
Docks in Esdragen trans armland, portal
Docks in Mainland trans windaria, 7w, s
Docks in Nautica trans nautica, 9w, sw
Repair Shops:
Repairs in Emerald trans na, 2s, e
Repairs in Esdragen trans armland, 3e, n
Repairs in Mainland trans windaria, 2e, s
Repairs in Nautica trans nautica, 2n, w

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