Lost Wishes Pet Training

What are pets? Npcs that help you fight and carry things. Cost of a pet is 1000 platinum.
Where to get them? Pet shops are located all over.
Armland has one of the biggest selections of pets.
type trans armland, 2s, w

What if a pet dies? Go to the shop and buy a resurrection from the list.

Pet Info:

Types of Pets: kitten puppy butterfly lizard egg calf pony monkey larva bat cub
odd worm doll sparrow mouse squirrel

Pet Commands (type help pets) type order (pet type) to wimpy 99 [to help keep your pet alive] example) order bat to wimpy 99 type order (pet type) to autoattack on [to have it fight with you] example) order bat to autoattack on type name (pet type) (name) [to name your pet] example) name bat belfry type callpet [if your pet doesn't follow] type order (pet type) to score repto (your name) [to see it's score] example) order bat to score repto silly type order (pet type) to hprepto (your name)[to see pet's hp status] example) order bat to hprepto silly

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