Lost Wishes Mudschool

Why should you go to mudschool?
It guarantees you 7 levels. It gives you a ton of free gear. It gives you a newbie device to trans to areas.
**Note:(One of the best newbie weapons on the game is the newbie longsword)
Not to mention 5 quest points that are useful because as you get more levels
you are penalized for lack of questing. (But don't worry about this just yet!)

Before going to mudschool
If you're new before you goto mudschool, don't forget to type get all and pick up the torch and coins in the start room for you.

To go to mudschool:
Use the exit in the room for mudschool.
type mudschool
This is just like regular school. Go to kindergarten first and work your way through 12th grade so you can graduate.
How do you complete it? Simple make sure to look at all the boards in the room. The boards instruct you on what to do so you can pass each grade and move on!

Gearing up the stuff from mudschool:
This is your first time here gathering gear so in case you don't know...

Once you get an item from a corpse.
type i
This will show you what you're holding or what's in your inventory.
If it's a piece of armour,
type wear all

If it's a sword,
type wield sword

If you have multiple weapons,
type wield sword 2
type wield sword 1

If you want to switch weapons out,
type unwield all
type wield sword 2
type wield sword 1
**Note this assumes that the top 2 swords in your inventory are better.
Another useful command is eq. It shows you all the possible slots for gear and what you have placed in each of them.
type eq

Sockets, runes and gems:
Once you find a rune or gem, be sure to idenfity it, and then you can put in into socketed armor or weapons.
Use a Scroll of identify to: identify (rune/gem), and then: insert (rune/gem) into (item)

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