Other Useful Stuff For A New Player

Bank accounts:
You can upgrade bank accounts at level 25 up from the basic account that only holds 1000 platinum.
To see what other accounts are available and how much it costs to upgrade at a bank: type list
Also, be sure to convert your coins to higher values, to make them lighter: type convert (type1) to (type2)

You can party up with other players if you're level 10 or higher. type help party
If you wish to create a party, type party form (name for the party)
example) type party form exp!
If you want to invite another person to party, type party invite (player)
example) party invite silly
For the other person you've invited to join you in the party, they need to type party join (your name)
example) party join int
For you both to talk on the party channel. type team (message)
example) team cool!
Another useful command is to type party divvy all to split coins after a kill

Aliases and nicknames:
type help alias or type help nickname
Both can be used to help you type less.
If you mess up an alias, type alias (it will show you current aliases).
Then type unalias (alias)
example) if you typed alias say hello and now say doesn't work, you'd type unalias say

Guild Changing:
You can change guilds at the loss of all guild experience and loss of a few level(s).

Race Changing:
You can change races for free as a newbie (under level 25).
But after level 25, it costs a likely death and lots of plats.
trans windaria, down, south.

You can reroll your stats for 15k platinum if you're unhappy with the ones you have.
*NOTE: You may end up with worse stats than the stats with which you started.
trans windaria, down, south.

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