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User: violater

Title: Dragonlord Violater, the Bringer of Doom and Destruction (Pendragon)
Name: Violater                        In real life: Yves S.                 
Race: Dragon                          Gender: Male                          
Level: 406                            Guild: Blackdragon (50)               
Home Domain: Esdragen                 Toplist: 3
Status: Player (Donator C, Newbie Helper XIII, Guild Leader)
Best party kill: Skayl (class 1375236)
Best solo kill: Naisier (class 646106)
Clan: Elite Army of Lunar
Age: 4 years 3 weeks 4 days 19 hours 38 minutes 8 seconds
Last on: Fri Jul 12 17:25:45 2024 
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