Artifacts of the Gods

Artifacts are relics of the gods. Although they are not usable by normal players, followers of the god wil be interested in obtaining them so that they can gain favor with their god.

Name Dominion Alignment Artifact
Anar sun Good Sun Stone
Anifey animals Neutral Mriswith Fang
Ansalee undead Evil Cloak of Bones
Astyr moon Good Moon Mirror
Avosir prosperity Good Purse of Giving
Celestine healing Good Golden Cistern
Ciramos blood Evil Bowl of Blood
Craydan battle Evil Notched Axe
Galanus murder Evil Crystal Vial
Heren luck Good Coin of Fate
Helcyd hunt Neutral Hunting Horn
Jera protection Good Crystal Shield
Lithen sea Neutral Deep-sea Trident
Mogrin hate Evil Berserker's Blade
Palim justice Neutral Sword of Right
Rhaylin knowledge Neutral Book of Knowledge
Serandel deceit Evil Obsidian Dagger
Tymest storm Neutral Storm Bowl

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