Lost Wishes Guilds

Lost Wishes MUD has a number of unique Guilds, there is something fun for everyone. To join a guild you must be at least level 10. Some guilds have more requirements, such as having a positive alignment, read the guild descriptions for more information on guild specific requirements.

AcolyteServants of the Dark Powers.
BanditQuick and agile fighters, known for their shady tactics
BlackdragonWarriors empowered by their tainted blood.
ClericMasters of healing and defensive support.
DragonspawnHonourable warriors of steel and magic.
ElementalsMasters of the elements!
EngineerTool time.
GargoyleDo you want a piece of the rock?
GladiatorGladiators, Supreme masters of physical combat!
GolemGolems thrive on evil and merge with anything.
MageMasters of the world of magic.
NecroRaisers of the Dead! Murderers of the living!
PsionicMind over matter.
WayfarerEfficient explorers of the wild world.
WerewolfSavage and cunning masters of lycanthropy.

Click on the guild name for more information on each guild.