Lost Wishes Help Files

Pixies are creatures created out of magic itself. They are tiny beings,
possessing little strength, but have above average dexterity and a high
charismatic charm. Being born from magic, pixies have a high resistance
to magical attacks. Pixies also have an agile mind, but their small
bodies cause them to have a very low constitution. 

Pixie Commands:

Pixie Stats:
  Strength           below
  Constitution       below
  Dexterity          above
  Intelligence       above
  Wisdom             average
  Charisma           above

Pixie Languages:
  Pixie              100%

Pixie Misc Features:
  Time to heal       10
  Magic resistance   35
  Experience rate    110%
  Alignment          good
  Gender             any

Pixie Movement Speeds:
  Snow               +100%
  Hills              +100%
  Mountain           +50%