Lost Wishes Help Files

Auctioning Items on [auction]
A player can auction any item* in their inventory by using the
[auction] line. You can use auction like any other comm line
(only relevant queries/bids please). Sellers are allowed to set
a minimum price for the item. The seller and buyer can not be the
same person!

1) Don't place a bid on an item without the intention of paying for it. 
If you do win the auction and then fail to pay the seller:
Bob CAN be sent after you.

2) If a seller does not specify a minimum price they are still 
required to sell the item to the highest bidder.

3) Sellers must allow the highest bidder to take ownership of the item.
Just because Kokopuff doesn't like Ibumu doesn't mean that she can
withhold the item he won from the auction. There should be a reasonable
amount of time waited between the last bid and the close of the auction 
(probably not less than 1 minute and not more than 5).
Be fair. 

4) All bids must be placed on the auction channel, no private tells etc.

5) Belgium is NOT to be auctioned on this line! 

All prices are assumed to be in platinum coins unless stated otherwise.

Auctioning Items at Eddie in Nautica: nau, 2n, e
sell                     to put an item up for auction
view                   to see an item
list [type]                    to see the available items [by type]
buy <#>                        to buy an item from the list
claim <#>                      to reclaim one of your items
collect                        collect any money that Eddie has for you

1%^) There is a max amount of items you can place with Eddie at one time.

2) Eddie charges a small fee for his services.