Lost Wishes Help Files

Lost Wishes has an automated crime detection system, there are a number of
offenses that may be reported, they are as follows:

Kill Stealing

This is the act of killing an npc that another player is in the progress
of killing, even if they are not in the room. In the following cases 
this is NOT considered a crime:
- The players are in a party.
- The first attacker has gone linkdead or logged off.
- The first attacker has taken more than 30 minutes to finish the kill.
- The first attacker has attacked something else.

Corpse Looting

Looting a corpse that another player killed.
You must be present in the room and be visible, otherwise the corpse is
considered abandoned.

PK'ing beyond level 20

This is the act of killing a PK who is 20 or more levels below you. The only
exception to this is, if the lower level player attacks the higher level

Auction Fraud

See help auction

* Be sure to mudmail a log/screen capture of the auction fraud event
to help substantiate your claim if you're unable to fill out a report
to the sheriff.

Killing shopkeepers and special monsters

Shop keeper killings can be reported to the sheriff by any player.
This does not mean people can not kill shop keepers, other players will
have a limited time to report the killer, if noone reports it, the crime
will expire and the killer won't be punished.

Reporting a crime

After you have been violated, you have 60 minutes to go to a sheriffs office
and report the crime to the local sheriff (or mail law in some cases).
You are required to fill out a crime report, and give it back to the sheriff.
All crimes are checked to be valid, so it is not possible to report false
crimes. Once the crime has been reported, the criminal is notified. If the
criminal pays the fine, part of it will be deposited in your bank account.
NOTE: If you are too evil the sheriff/law may refuse to help you.

Fines and Bounty Hunters

If you have committed a crime, and it is reported you are notified
immediately. At that time, you have 15 minutes to goto the nearest sheriffs
office and pay your fine. The fine is generally based on your level. If you
do not pay the fine, a warrant for your bounty is issued. That is when you
must start running!!!

Paying a Fine
Go to a sheriffs office, type pay fine, and fill out the form.
When done return it to the sheriff, make sure you have enough money on you
to pay the fine.