Lost Wishes Help Files

Multi-playing is classified by the following:

1) Having more than a single character logged on at a time.
2) Sharing a character with another person.
3) Sharing money/equipment/aiding any other character of yours. 
4) Characters, even if they are different, logged in from the
   same IP address will be treated as multichars.*

You are allowed to create as many characters as you want, provided
they are all registered and the rules above are followed. However,
if the rules are not followed, you will be subject to punishment. 
See 'help rules' for more details.

* If you are planning to go over to a friend's house or mud together
from the same IP another way, you must 'mail admin' and submit a request.
You may be asked to provide proof. If you break any rules these privs may be revoked.