Lost Wishes Help Files

Although you do not have to quest to play Lost Wishes, your exp and gxp will be
penalized if you do not quest. So to see the level requirements use 'quests req'.
To get a complete list of the quests on Lost Wishes use 'quests list'.
You are not allowed to share quest information with anyone unless the quest
description states otherwise. To see the quest description, type 'quests <#>'.

Further rules are as follows:
  A. Generally, any player can help you kill a quest mob, but you are not allowed
        to tell them that it is a quest mob, or why you want them to kill it.
  B. You may not share directions to any quest items or monsters.
  C. You may not share any syntax for quests.
  D. You must realize that if you share this information, and a quest starts 
        being solved on a regular basis, that the quest points awarded for this
        quest may be lowered. So sharing the information will definitely hurt YOU!
        Much care will be taken to consider when and how much a quest point reward
        is lowered. You can prevent this. Do NOT share quest info.
  E. Some quests require that you do the kills solo, those quests should say so in 
        their descriptions.
  F. Some quests simply by design will not allow others to kill the mob, so you
        will have to get the kill yourself.
  G. If people ask for quest info, point them to this help file. Repeatedly asking
        for quest info on chat (or elsewhere) may be punished by silencing or worse.
        Do NOT ask for quest info.
  H. Working on a quest while another person is in the same room so that you share
        quest syntax and provide help to the other person, whom you knew was present,
        is NOT ok. See the above rules.
  I. Secrets comprise a quest, and so the same rules apply to them.
     Type 'secrets' to see how many secrets you have found from each area.

Some Guilds have limitation on weapons and armor. Certain quests require you wear
those types of equipment to do the quest. You may wear that equipment ONLY while
actually doing the quest if you are not typically allowed to wear the equipment.

If a quest rewards you with a piece of equipment that you normally can not use,
you may use the item ONCE. If the quest rewards you something you normally can
use, you may use it repeatedly. This note applies to all guilds on the entire mud.