Lost Wishes Help Files

1. No multiplaying (see help multiplaying)

2. Do not ask for or give out any quest information. In general, avoid talking
about quests, especially on comm lines, in case you do give something away. If
you're not sure, DON'T say it. (see help quests)

3. Do not harass or spam other players. This includes repeated tells, chats,
emotes, and using flashing or large emotes on comm lines. (see help harassment)

4. Wizards are here to help, but there are things that are inappropriate to
ask them. (see help wizards)

5. Scripting/botting is illegal. Don't do it.

6. Recruiting/advertising for other games is illegal and will likely get you

7. Do not reveal alternate characters belonging to others.

8. Areas are meant to be shared by all. Do not harass others over an area or 
an area's equipment.

9. If you find something that gives you an easy unlimited amount of anything
for free (heals/items/money/etc), it's very likely a bug -- report it!

10. Creating death traps for other players or using specialty items to kill other players
by MK or outside the legal boundaries of PK is illegal.

11. Utilizing another player's botting for unlimited gain is still not okay. 

For information on other rules, type help crime and help then 8 in the help menu system.
Be sure to read all the rules carefully so that you are aware of them.