Lost Wishes Help Files

Here on Lost Wishes, our class of immortals is known as wizards.
Wizards do a variety of jobs on the mud, ranging from building 
new areas, to fixing bugs, to implementing your ideas!
However, there are a few things that you should know...

Interacting with Wizards

If for any reason you are rude to, curse at, demanding, or
in any other way are disrespectful towards a wiz, you are
going to be punished. Whether that is by being silenced, jailed,
nuked or otherwise - is purely up to the wiz or admin.

In general: If a wizard asks a player to do (or stop doing)
something, the player must comply. If the player disagrees
with what was being asked of her, she may feel free to
contact law afterwards.

Occassionally, a player will start to complain about something
to a wizard. Whether this be a death, a bug, or the "unfairness"
of something, constantly harassing a wizard is not a way to get
your problem solved. Players who do this will be penalized for
harassment and/or other crimes where applicable.

Do NOT ask a wizard for directions to a npc, area or an item.
If you have a question, ask another player or ask on chat.

Quest Info
If you have a problem with a quest, do NOT ask a wizard or
another player for help. All information regarding quests is 
quest info and sharing it is punishable. If you repeatedly
ask a wizard for quest info, you will be punished for either
harassment or for cheating. If you really think there is 
something wrong with a quest, use the bug command to report it.

Guild Info
Asking your Guild Master about general info about the guild
is perfectly fine. However, if a player starts constantly asking 
the GM or other wizards about information that is 
'code confidential' then that player is subject to either
being silenced or worse (depending on the level of harassment).
What's the formula for X? (X = gxp, damage, etc).
Also, keep guild specific questions on the guild line.

Here on LW, we appreciate the suggestions from players to
make the mud a more enjoyable place. However, asking a wizard
to code something *specifically* for you is impolite, and
may be construed as harassment. If you have a suggestion,
please feel free to use the 'idea' command, or tell a wizard.

Wrong way to ask:
Player tells Wizard: code X for me!!

Right way to ask:
Player tells Wizard: Hello, I would like to make a suggestion.
Players may also feel free to "idea " to make

Failure to comply with these simple rules may be punished by silencing,
imprisonment, or worse.

For information on becoming a wizard, see 'help wizme'.