Lost Wishes Help Files

There are a wide variety of shops on Lost Wishes to enjoy. One can 
purchase items, such as equipment, food, pets, boats, and magical 
items. To repair one's equipment, one should seek a repair shop. 

Some directions to the shops in key cities are listed below.

General Shops:
Esdragen: GMS, 2n, e	 Emerald: CNA, 2w, s
Mainland: FTN, e, s	 Nautica: NAU, 3w, n

Magic Shops:
Esdragen: GMS, 3s, w	 Emerald: CNA, e, s
Mainland: FTN, 4e, s	 Nautica: NAU, s, w

McInty Food Shops:
Esdragen: GMS, 2e, n	 Emerald: CNA, n, w
Mainland: FTN, 2s, w	 Nautica: No McInty's branch

Nautical Retail Shops (Boats!):
Emerald: by boat: sail -330,330, out, e
(or by ferry: sail to imperial city, out, e) 
Nautica: NAU, 2w, 2n

Pet Shops:
Esdragen: GMS, 2s, w 	 Emerald: CNA, 3s, w, s
Mainland: FTN, 5e, s     Nautica: NAU, n, e

Repair Shops:	
Esdragen: GMS, 3e, n	 Emerald: CNA, 2s, e
Mainland: FTN, 2e, s	 Nautica: NAU, 2n, w