Quest Description

Quest Name: Destroy The Lag Monster
Creator: Int
Created: Sat May 9 22:09:37 1998
Quest Points: 40
Solved: 115 times
Location(s): Town of Armland
Min. Level: 200
Lag has made himself known on Lost Wishes, and he isn't going to leave without a battle. He hides quietly, waiting in his lair until you least expect it and then he sneaks out, lagging you to death! The only way he can be stopped is to enter his lair, and destroy him when He is least expecting it! Do not proceed unprepared however, you need a special device to help combat the lag! You will find him where Magic is most powerful in Esdragen, at the point where all magicks come to balance. That is the only force powerful enough to conceal him within his lair for more that just a few minutes!

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