Quest Description

Quest Name: Riddle Quest
Creator: Silly
Created: Mon Nov 11 06:10:10 1996
Quest Points: 45
Solved: 143 times
Location(s): Riddle Quest, Town of Armland, Realm of Light, Realm of the Future, Realm of the Past, Esdragen Shores
Min. Level: 10
Within the town of Armland and surrounding realms, there are several riddlers filling the streets with amusement and joy. Including the Riddle Master, who knows better than anyone that life is just one big riddle so you may as well get the most out of it. Now he is looking for more people to share his enjoyment of riddles, and enjoy his world of confusion and games. Go and visit him and he will send you on a mission of problem solving and laughs. You will visit many riddlers along the way and solve many problems. Some will give you items as proof that you have solved their riddle, and at the end given to the Riddle master as proof that you have completed all the riddles. NOTE: All riddles MUST be solved in the correct order, and all items MUST be given to the Master in the order that you received them or you may not solve the quest. After solving a riddle you will be given a hint as to the next person you must see. *This quest spans all of Esdragen, Quest monsters may be found in Town or any of the surrounding realms.

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