Lost Wishes Help Files

The Emerald Isle was once a great nation, united as one, the great
dragons in the northern Shed'car Mountains, the creatures of the Alshar
Forest, the elves and bandits of the Makar Forest, even the southern
Saka Desert warriors. All united under the King of the Emerald Isle 
who held his court in the grand city of Avalon. In the time of 
greatest prosperity, the Isle was invaded by an evil horde of dark
minions, devils, demons, and that sort. Plagued by a never-ending war
the great city of Avalon was torn apart, the once united Isle was no
more. Slowly but surely the kingdom rebuilt itself, the land is still
not at the greatness it once was, but a mighty city now stands where
Avalon once stood. 

New Avalon is a powerful city that holds more sway than most cities 
throughout the realm. The King rules with a just hand, but the extent
of his rule scarcely reaches past the city itself. There are still demons
and devils lurking about, thieves have flocked to the forests, trying to
prey on innocent travelers. The Emerald Isle is a large domain, full of
all kinds of monsters and friendly npcs. It offers the widest variety of
equipment, and there are forests, mountains and plains to roam through.
Emerald is one of the largest expanding domains, and is where most 
players go to find good equipment and fun playing. It is also the only
domain that incorporates passports to encourage exploration.