Lost Wishes Help Files

Guild help commands
For help with guild specific commands and issues, you will need to use
the appropriate guild help command for your guild. You can try either
the command itself, or the command followed by a topic.

   Acolyte:      ahelp
   Bandit:       bhelp
   Blackdragon:  bdhelp
   Cleric:       chelp
   Dragonspawn:  dhelp
   Elementals:   ehelp
   Gargoyles:    ginfo
   Gladiator:    ghelp
   Golem:        ginfo
   Mage:         minfo
   Necromancer:  nhelp
   Psionic:      psihelp
   Wayfarer:     whelp
   Werewolf:     whelp

Note: You must be a member of the guild to use the guild help command.