Lost Wishes Help Files

Lost Wishes currently has 15 open guilds.
Type 'help ' for more info on a particular guild.

The following guilds are open:

	Bandit		Cleric		Dragonspawn
        Elementals      Gladiator       Golem
        Mage            Werewolf	Wayfarer
        Acolyte         Blackdragon	Gargoyle
        Necromancers    Psionics        Engineer

The following guilds are in design, under construction, or playtesting:
Vampire, Mercenaries, Paladins, Alchemists, and Monks.

You can join a guild once you reach level 10. To join you must locate
the guild hall of the guild of your choice.

See 'help ' for directions to the guild hall.

For info about class size of monsters: try 'help size'.