Lost Wishes Help Files

Necromancers deal in the art of corpses. They cherish the
rotting flesh and the magic involved in reanimating lifeless
bodies into creatures who will do their bidding.

Necromancers steal the souls of their victims, trapping
the energy in an object shoved deep into their own mortal
hearts. The longer this 'bane' stays lodged within them, the
closer they come to their own true undeath. As this fateful
moment hastens itself, Necromancers will begin to slip into
another world of death, and the beginning of a new unlife,
where the keys to reanimation unlock the door for continuing
their own existence.

As a Necromancer, you will harness these powers, raise your
own army, steal the souls of the living, and bring the dead
to the ultimate level of succession on the mortal coil
without the restriction of alignment.

GM: Madmax

Directions: FTN - 10 n,e,e,e,ne,n,ne,e,se,s,s,e,s,tower,n,e,u,w,2 u,e, 
and search floor.