Lost Wishes Help Files

Centuries ago, the plains of Emerald were covered with a myriad of
different tribes of these half-men, half-horse creatures. As the settlement
of New Avalon began building up and spreading out, their great tribes
dispersed and spread throughout the realms. They are innate hunters with a
passionate love for their weapons. Due to their almost mystical existence,
they are able to 'absolve' the foul magic of cursed items. Their wild life
has given them a slight natural resistance to poisons. Centaurs can not
wear regular pants or boots.

Centaur Commands:

Centaur Stats:
  Strength           above
  Constitution       above
  Dexterity          below
  Intelligence       below
  Wisdom             below
  Charisma           below

Centaur Languages:
  Centaur            100%

Centaur Misc Features:
  Time to heal       10
  Poison resistance  25
  Experience rate    90%
  Alignment          good
  Gender             any

Centaur Movement Speeds:
  Mountain           +50%