Lost Wishes Help Files

Drow are the dark cousins to the elves. They share their height and 
slender build, but their skin tone is usually grey, blue or black
and they most often have white hair. Like elves, the drow are
naturally agile and have a very sharp mind, which they most often turn
to devious purposes. Like the elves, they also have a more delicate
constitution. Their years of living underground have given them excellent
night vision and their constant raids on the surface have made them great

Drow Commands:

Drow Stats:
  Strength           below
  Constitution       below
  Dexterity          above
  Intelligence       above
  Wisdom             average
  Charisma           below

Drow Languages:
  Drowish            100%

Drow Misc Features:
  Magic resistance   15
  Time to heal       10
  Infravision        1
  Experience rate    100%
  Alignment          evil
  Gender             any