Lost Wishes Help Files

Dryads are referred to as "tree nymphs". Their strong pull to nature has given 
them a strong natural resistance to poison. They lack in strength but make up
for that with wisdom and dexterity. Dryads also have the ability to see heat
patterns in the dark. They prefer to not wear boots or pants due to their close
affiliation with trees. 

Dryad Commands:

Dryad Stats:
  Strength           below
  Constitution       below
  Dexterity          excellent
  Intelligence       average
  Wisdom             above
  Charisma           average

Dryad Languages:
  Sylvan             100%

Dryad Misc Features:
  Time to heal       10
  Infravision        1
  Poison resistance  35
  Experience rate    100%
  Alignment          neutral
  Gender             any

Dryad Movement Speeds:
  Forest             +100%
  Snow               +50%
  Hills              +50%