Lost Wishes Help Files

Dwarves are a small, stocky race, commonly found living in rocky areas,
whether it be in the mountains or underground. Dwarves have an above
average strength, but their stockiness makes them less dexterous than
average. Dwarves are well known for their aptitude with weapons, and as
such they have the ability to enhance a weapon, making it a bit better,
and also to repair broken armor. They also stem from a magical background,
giving them a small natural resistance to magic.

Dwarf Commands:

Dwarf Stats:
  Strength           above
  Constitution       above
  Dexterity          below
  Intelligence       average
  Wisdom             average
  Charisma           average

Dwarf Languages:
  Dwarf              100%

Dwarf Misc Features:
  Magic resistance   5
  Time to heal       10
  Experience rate    90%
  Alignment          neutral
  Gender             any