Lost Wishes Help Files

Giants are massive beings that closely resemble humans but on a much larger
scale. The gods are said to have made giants before humans, but recognizing
the folly in making such powerful creatures- they wiped out most of their
population. Giants are typically very strong and very healthy, however they
do have a slight experience penalty and heal slower while sleeping. Because
of their big hands they can't wield certain small weapons.

Giant Commands:

Giant Stats:
  Strength           excellent
  Constitution       excellent
  Dexterity          terrible
  Intelligence       terrible
  Wisdom             terrible
  Charisma           terrible

Giant Languages:
  Giant              100%

Giant Misc Features:
  Time to heal       20
  Experience rate    70%
  Alignment          neutral
  Gender             any

Giant Movement Speeds:
  Mountain           +50%
  Hills              +50%