Lost Wishes Help Files

Goblins are strange twisted creatures. Their exact origin is unknown, but
they were spawned from evil. Despite their hideous looks, goblins are quite
healthy creatures, having above average constitution, and also twice the
natural healing rate of other creatures. They also have the ability to taunt
their opponent, distracting them, and making them more vulnerable to attack
for a short period of time. Their hideous appearance gives them a penalty
to charisma, but their ferocity will most assuredly help out their strength.

Goblin Commands:

Goblin Stats:
  Strength           above
  Constitution       above
  Dexterity          average
  Intelligence       average
  Wisdom             below
  Charisma           below

Goblin Languages:
  Goblin             100%

Goblin Misc Features:
  Time to heal       5
  Experience rate    90%
  Alignment          evil
  Gender             any