Lost Wishes Help Files

Once, nymphs were scarcely seen away from their homes in nature. However,
as more and more adventurers started wandering into their realms, they
developed a wanderlust all their own. Although they are almost identical to
humans in body, nymphs are never mistaken for a mere human woman. Their
flawless figures and seductive good looks make them the embodiment of
beauty. There are many a tale throughout the realms of great warriors and
heroes hanging up their swords just to partake in the various pleasures
only a nymph can provide. Nymphs use their beauty to get what they desire.

Nymph Commands:

Nymph Stats:
  Strength           average
  Constitution       average
  Dexterity          average
  Intelligence       average
  Wisdom             average
  Charisma           excellent

Nymph Languages:
  Sylvan             100%

Nymph Misc Features:
  Magic resistance   10
  Time to heal       10
  Experience rate    100%
  Alignment          neutral
  Gender             female