Lost Wishes Help Files

Ogres are huge beasts. They have been known to crush boulders with their bare
hands. They naturally have a large strength bonus. But this strength does
not come without price, they are also well known for their colossal
stupidity. Using their strength, ogres have the ability to bash their
opponent, causing them extra damage. Their great size also enables them to
step in front of a friend, taking the blows on themselves instead.

Ogre Commands:

Ogre Stats:
  Strength           excellent
  Constitution       excellent
  Dexterity          average
  Intelligence       terrible
  Wisdom             below
  Charisma           below

Ogre Languages:
  Ogre               100%

Ogre Misc Features:
  Time to heal       10
  Experience rate    80%
  Alignment          evil
  Gender             any