Lost Wishes Help Files

Orcs are a very humanoid, but are easily distinguishable by their bright
red eyes and unkempt appearance. Not being prone to cleanliness, orcs often
repulse other races, not only due to their low charisma, but also because
of their lack of intelligence. Being rather evil, orcs make good warriors
and have keen infravision.

Orc Commands:

Orc Stats:
  Strength           above
  Constitution       above
  Dexterity          excellent
  Intelligence       below
  Wisdom             below
  Charisma           below

Orc Languages:
  Orc                100%

Orc Misc Features:
  Time to heal       10
  Infravision        1
  Experience rate    95%
  Alignment          evil
  Gender             any

Orc Movement Speeds:
  Hills              +50%