Lost Wishes Help Files

=== Good Aligned Races ===
Centaur    Mythic half-man, half-horse creature, ability to uncurse objects
Elf        Intelligent and dextrous, resistant to magic and have infravision
Gnome      Resistant to magic and have infravision, ability to alter weapons
Halfling   Extremely dexterous with resistance to poison, ability to sneak
Pixie      Tiny creatures that can dodge and charm enemies, resistant to magic

=== Neutral Aligned Races ===
Arakora    Delicate and fragile, with unsurpassed mental powers
Dryad      Nature loving tree nymphs
Dwarf      Resistant to magic, have the abiltity to enhance and repair weapons
Giant      Extremely strong and healthy, lower exp and sleeping rates
Human      Average in all stats, ability to teleport between churches
Minotaur   Intelligent, yet bull-headed, half-humans
Nymph      Female nature spirits that are known for their beauty
Satyr      Male spirits of nature known for their charisma
Troll      Tall, powerful creatures that regenerate quickly

=== Evil Aligned Races ===
Drider     Cursed drow who are now spider-like.
Drow       Dark cousins to the elves, resistant to magic & infravision
Goblin     Healthy with quicker healing and the ability to taunt enemies
Kobold     Cowardly, flee from battles, infravision, identify ability, bonus xp
Ogre       Strong, healthy, ability to bash enemies, rescue allies from battle
Orc        Humanoid warriors, incarnates of evil

For more information on any of these races, see 'help '