Lost Wishes Help Files

Unlike their female counterparts the nymphs, satyrs are never mistaken for
human males. With small horns protruding from their foreheads and the legs
of a goat, the satyr has little in common with humans. In spite of their
bestial appearance, they are primarily known for their strong animal
attraction. Entire villages have been emptied of their women thanks to a
few lusty satyrs. Satyrs have never had the shyness of their feminine
counterparts when it came to exploring new lands. Through the generations,
they've learned how to deal with creatures as to prevent any forrays.

Satyr Commands:

Satyr Stats:
  Strength           average
  Constitution       average
  Dexterity          average
  Intelligence       average
  Wisdom             average
  Charisma           excellent

Satyr Languages:
  Sylvan             100%

Satyr Misc Features:
  Magic resistance   10
  Time to heal       10
  Experience rate    100%
  Alignment          neutral
  Gender             male