Lost Wishes Help Files


Assassins are hired npcs that assist a player in combat. They can
be found around the seedier places in Armland. The price they
ask for their services is (250 * your level [max 100] platinum). 
Once he's been bought, the assassin will stay with you until the
end of the boot or until he's been slain. If the mud should crash,
you will find that you've been given a coupon to reclaim another

* - Note: Assassins respond to emotes as well as 'say'.

say assassin, name          Name your assassin.
say , wimpy %               Set your assassin's wimpy.
say , wear           Equip your assassin.
say , wield         Equip your assassin.
say , do           Make your assassin do things.
say , autoassist on         Make your assassin autoassist.
say , autoassist off        Make your assassin stop autoassisting.
asee                              See where your assassin is.
acolorize                   Name your assassin with color.
ainv                              Check assassin's inventory.

* - Additionally: Assassins can be upgraded for rhodium at the
     Assassin Upgrade Shop in Town of Armland.